Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Work On It Wednesday - Dehoarding Diary Works it out!

I have to send you to Chaotic Kittens - Dehoarding Diary
She is awesome. She was overwhelmed when it came to her kitchen. She didn't know where to start. She had several things blocking her. Old food in the cupboards, so she didn't want to put in new food. She had too many piles of other things in the kitchen and can't get around in it. She had clothes from the laundry and bags of new food on the floor. There were so many stumbling blocks that prevented her from doing anything. Does some of that sound familiar? I bet it does. Things can get so bad that you don't know where to the easiest thing is to do nothing. And then of course the mess keeps growing.
You need to read this post of hers to see how she breaks down the problem and knows what she must do to begin the process. It also becomes clear to her that the problem is workable and it became much less overwhelming once she thought through the process. Wonderful!

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♥ Joanna said...

I participated today! (Although I wonder how much more work I would accomplish if I weren't online all the time?) :)