Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kids Job Board - Make your own!

I have posted before how important I think that it is that kids help with chores.
It is not to make it easier for the mom...actually there are many times that it would be a lot easier if we just did it ourselves.
Our job as parents is to prepare our children for life on their own. Learning when they are small that they are part of a family and all the family pitches in to help get things accomplished is very important. It teaches them responsibility, accountability and life lessons.
I may be tough, but I don't think kids have to be rewarded every time they help do what is expected of them. I do believe in allowances, but mainly so they have some experience in dealing with money. They need to learn to save and how to use it wisely.

This is the job board I use. It is simple, easy to change and not expensive.
As I said on my MomTV web cast last night, I would post the instructions on how to make one yourself. (You can go to replays on that link - just look on right side mid page.)

Decide what size magnetic board you need. This will depend on how many children you have.
Here is a picture of a smaller one that can be used for just one or two children.

Get some magnetized business stickers. You can find these in a business store. They are meant to use for business cards, so you can turn them into magnets.

Peel back the sticker

Take an old business card and turn it so the blank side is showing. You can also cut
paper to fit if you don't have business cards to use.
Just place them on carefully.

Decide on what jobs you want your kids to have.
They need to be age appropriate. If your child can not read yet, then use pictures along with the words. They will understand what it means.
I use little stars in the right hand corner to signify jobs that the younger children can do.

(hopefully your toothpaste doesn't look like a worm sitting on a toothbrush like mine!! LOL)

Then just put your children's names across the top. Place the proper job under their names.
My kids know that if they touch the job board or move things around without permission...they will be given some extra jobs! (so they don't touch it.)
We change jobs weekly.
Just leave the kids names in the same place and rotate the jobs below.
Very simple!

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onemorebaby said...

Love it! Now with two new kids added to the one I already have, chore need to be switched up! Thanks for the great idea! Hugs!