Monday, November 24, 2008


Do you use calendars as much as I do? We have calendars in our purses, on our computers, on our walls for decorations. I have clients who have calendars that were never opened that they bought because they liked the pictures. But wait...they never opened them to even enjoy the pictures. (OK..another story).
I put a calendar on my blog because I like the looks of them. I think they show a picture of order and organization. Maybe not a fair thought...but its mine. I went to my blog just a couple of minutes ago and clicked on todays date (on the calendar that is no longer there - but was there under calendar) thinking it would enlarge the date. But I found it went to a gaming site. It was something that said, "Kill or be killed". YUK!!! I didn't realize that when I added that widget. So I immediately removed it. I decided I would try to just make my own daily note in that spot. I will have to see if I am able to get to it first thing every morning to update it. If that doesn't happen, I won't leave it up. Oh yeah...the organizer lady has the date wrong today!! Hee hee
So we will see how it goes. Plus I would like to have a pleasant thought for the day on there too.

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My2Gs said...

We actually use Google Calendar for the church/school I work at. We use it to schedule 12-15 rooms in the building. It's been a huge help.