Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Decorating for Christmas - Is it a happy or stressful time?

Christmas lights and trees, candles, Santa mugs, stockings, garland, ornaments....ahhh the Christmas decorations! The time is almost here! Usually this is a time that is really exciting and fun. The expectations of getting out the Christmas decorations and decorating the house is something that children and adults look forward to - right?
But what if you aren't sure where all the decorations are? Are they together? I seem to remember seeing a box of ornaments under Jimmy's bed sometime this year...I think. Katies stocking may still be in her room from last Christmas, I don't think she ever put it away. Does that sound familiar?
How about this - How in the world am I even going to put a Christmas tree up? There is literally NO room for it. If I move the pile that is in the corner where the tree used to go, I don't know what to do with it. I can't move it to the basement - that is full. The garage is over flowing, we can't even get the car in there. You can't walk into the spare bedroom!! Does that sound more like you?
Either of these situations (and there are many more) are VERY stressful. There are expectations for Christmas. Having family over, sitting by a fire and enjoying family time. But if you have too much of a mess to decorate or have people over - then you are going to feel even more stress than most people do at the holidays.
So what do you do?
Depending on how much "stuff" you have and need to move you need to find some help! If its family or friends or hiring a professional organizer - you probably can't do it yourself. Don't plan on being able to tackle all of your house before the holidays, that is probably an unrealistic goal. But sit down and think about how much you NEED to do so that you can have family over or if nothing else, get some decorations out for your kids.
You just have to start out bit by bit. Pick one little corner, or chair or table top and start there. You need to be tough with yourself at this point. Do you REALLY need it? Especially at the holidays there are a lot of people who could use your things. They would actually get used and be appreciated. They wouldn't be stuck in the back of a room unused for years collecting dust.
Many people feel like as Professional Organizers we will come in and throw everything out. We won't do that - but if you have 3 times the amount of stuff in your house than can fit - then you have to be realistic and do the math....something has to go to be able to change your home.
Get out your bags for donate and trash. You can feel like Santa and fill up lots of bags to give to other families to help them. That may make it easier to part with things that you feel an attachment to.
It can be a win win situation. By decreasing your "stuff" and making room for the holidays to come into your house and make your family and yourself happy - you are increasing the little bit that many families have. This year is worse than any other since the depression for families. Many, many people have just been laid off and need your help.

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Ali said...

I think you make decorating what you want. This is our first year as parents, and it is my goal to make decorating a fun and family-friendly event. I want it to be something that my children remember as a happy time. We'll turn up the Christmas music, throw some yummy treats in the oven, and decorate to our heart's content!