Saturday, November 22, 2008

Organizing internet sites and passwords

Working on my blog and learning all the new network social media "stuff" that I have been learning about (I am trying to learn all the terms too..hee hee!) I have had to add many new sites that all have usernames and passwords with them. Trying to keep track of them can be crazy in itself!
I had a list that I kept on my computer and somehow it got lost (thats scary!) I had a handwritten list that I built my computer page out of, so I don't know that I lost too many, but its not as easy as my one on my desktop was. I am a little scared to put it back on because I have no idea what happened to it and why it was suddenly not able to be retrieved.
I am going to try this new little directory I bought at The Container Store. I am hoping it will be convenient and easy to flip through.
I am planning on starting a review site for organizing products and this may be one of the first things I do a review on.
How do you keep track of your sites?
I would love to hear your ideas.

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