Friday, November 21, 2008

Storing Holiday Decorations

What do you do with all those Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations, Halloween ghost and goblins, Easter baskets, New Years Eve and 4th of July decorations? They can take up a lot of storage space (especially Christmas if you are anything like me). But stores are gearing up and selling a lot more decorations for all holidays and it is easy to jump into the decorating phase. I saw a house this Halloween that had more decorations and blow up characters and lights than you usually see at Christmas.
You need to make sure you have the room to store them if you buy them.
I suggest that you look for the clear colored containers they have out for that holiday. I think these are great!! I can go down and immediately find my Halloween decorations because they are the ones in the orange and black (clear orange) containers. Of course they are still labeled..but it makes it so easy. My Easter containers are pink and Christmas is red and green. Again I still go for the clear over solid non-see through bins. So if you can't find the colored clear ones, then just get clear. Being able to see what is in the at a glance is time saving!
So before you buy anymore decoration, make sure you have the room to store them, then find clear colored bins to store each separate holiday in. Still label it and getting out decorations will become a very simple thing!

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Ali said...

We live in a tiny condo, but thankfully we have a partially finished basement. In the unfinished part we can store all our goodies, and I honestly don't know what we would do without that space. Having that storage space allows me to keep decorations that otherwise I would go without! We would be just fine without all the decorations, but it makes life so much fun to change things up each season and holiday!