Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving meal Organizing

Chances are you have already completed your Thanksgiving meal shopping and have your turkey thawing in the refrigerator and some of your other side dishes completed. But planning a large meal or gathering can be very difficult if you have a hard time organizing things. Organizing can and usually does cross boarders into other areas of your life, not just your home and where things are, but time management which plans into the event planning.
But there are some essential factors if you want your meal to come off without forgetting the butter at the store or the turkey pan.
*Make a list of who is coming to your meal.
*Plan the menu. Make note of what days you are going to prepare each item.
*Make a grocery list from the menu.
*Check what you have to see what you need to buy.
*Plan your grocery shopping day, making sure you have time for thawing of your turkey or premaking dishes. (Good idea to make room in your refrigerator by cleaning out the old left overs, so you have room for all the food).
*Do your shopping.
*Try to clean your house in preparation the day before you have to do your cooking so you don't over load yourself. Have your kids and husband help if possible.
*Start your cooking, making sure you have storage space for the food.
*Plan your Thanksgiving day cooking so that everything finishes about the same time.

This a little late to help you for tomorrow (unless you are a real procrastinator!) but it may help you for your next big meal!

Eat lots of turkey, take that walk after the meal and enjoy family!

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