Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great products for kids Playroom

Would this be cute in a kids playroom or what? It would be great for keeping all those toys with all the little parts separated into their own bins.
Although there may be bins and baskets and toy boxes in most playrooms, what usually happens is that you get too many different toys together and everything gets mixed up. When you have one container with 5 different toys with little pieces in takes too much time and is not fun to dig out all the pieces necessary to play with the one toy that the child may want to play with. Its much easier to pick up the toy beside it that is altogether. So many times there are toys that aren't played with anymore, just because its more of a pain than its worth to get the toy out.
A toy unit like this would help in that there are several smaller drawers that you could separate toys into. Its at a good level for most children. It is bright and colorful, so that they may remember that their legos are all in the big red bin and their race cars are in the smaller blue bin.
It would make clean up very easy also.
This is something that I found at the Ikea store that really stood out to me and looking fun and cute and the cost was not that bad.


Jessica said...

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