Sunday, November 23, 2008

Organizing Review Site

I am going to be adding a review site soon!! I want this one to specialize in organizing products either for the home, business, mom, teen or mom. I have seen several things in the past and wondered how they worked. I have purchased a few and thought they were going to be great...and came to find out they had their issues and ended up being more clutter instead of cleaning up the clutter.
I plan on being honest with my opinions. I have read a few review sites that everything is always positive, positive, can that be? There has to be a few things that aren't the greatest or has some problems. I am going to have the pros and the cons on the products I pick. Of course I want to find the good in it, not the bad, so that will be the view point I will be taking. But if a negative pops up, then I am going to let you know about it.
If anyone has a product they want to me to look at, let me know! You can be one of the first on my site.

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