Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Social Media - Networking..There is so much!!

I really need to go to bed, but I am pumped up!! I have been using all evening to explore all these different options of Social media (as I have learned it is called).
I joined Stumble Upon, Twitter, Add This, all tonight. I have had one person who I did not add myself onto my Twitter list that is now following me and that's really exciting!! There is someone out there looking at what I am posting.
I know there is soooo much to learn and even more that I know just the tip of the here is to some more "numb butt" time. (I just read someone else's comment about needing to get off her computer because her butt was going numb - that just cracked me up...hee hee...get it a pun - anyway it made me laugh because my butt is also like soooo numb!)
This Organizer is learning how to organize her new social networking sites!

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