Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Cards

The Family Christmas cards - Do you send them anymore?
This is the picture I am putting on our card this year. I just ordered my cards online last night. I used Snapfish this year. I have used them for several projects and have been pleased with everything they have done for me so far. The pictures will be in next week.
I need to get my Christmas card list and update any addresses of people who have moved in the last year. Then I will write my Christmas letter. Yes, I do send one. I love getting them from other people and I have been writing one for many years. Personally, I get a little upset when I get a Christmas card from an old friend and its signed with no note, picture or letter. I send the family picture with the letter and a small personal note at the end of that. Just to let them know I am thinking of them when I am sending their card.
I will get my cards out the 2nd week of December.
This is the age of internet but lets not forget some of the old traditions of Christmas! I say..."Get those cards out this year!"


Zeemaid said...

You are so right. I think I'll dust off my address book tonight. Thanks for your suggestions re my non sleeper.

Aimie said...

Glad to know that others believe in traditional Christmas cards too!