Friday, July 24, 2009

Arrival at Blogher 09

I arrived by airplane about 11am to Chicago O'Hare airport. Found the shuttle to the Sheraton Hotel and Towers without any problems.

I met my roomie Military_Mom aka Shellie and I am a lucky person! For not meeting before in person I think being her roommate will be a lot of fun. I think we are getting along great. (Now ask us on Sunday and it may be another story. LOL..nope..I don't think so.)
This is the view out our room on the 20th floor!! Cool huh? And if we look out and across we can see Lake Michigan and all the boats. (Looks like an ocean...makes me think I am some place tropical. LOL)
Ok...Miliary Mom and Miliary Mama are friends (go figure right?) and so they have had me tagging along with them to all these parties.

This is the Socialux party. Both Shellie and Tara had registered for this early and did not end up getting their swag bags (goodies bags..these had cameras in them!)
Lots of people, food and drinks. Great sponsors...Kodak, Swiffer, Lego, Landsend, Eye-Fi and several others. Chris Mann also sang. He was in Blissdom and loved his music..(not to mention he is sooo cute and actually seems really nice!)
Ok...get this. We had this at the Hyatt downtown Chicago. This was the same place that the President was. There were secret service everywhere....people dressed up waiting in lines to go to ...what I guess was a fund raiser. That added a little excitement to the mix.

The People's Party was next right here in our hotel. Lots of people and look at the swag bags.

Chris Mann was was here and I got his picture. I am going to give him a whole post because I think he deserves it...later today. (hopefully if I can get back on the internet...has been an ordeal so far.)

This is the last party I went to...if this picture gives you some idea of what it was like. It was the Room 704 party. I met the ladies who put this on when I was at Blissdom. We actually got stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes. They are a hoot. They were staying in room 704 there..and had a big party in their room. So they decided to repeat it..but it was sooo big they had to have it down in one of the lobbies. They gave away some very interesting swag bags (can you say vibrators ladies?). Nope...I didn't get one..we came in a few minutes too late again. was a very interesting evening.
Stay tuned!!

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This Military Mama said...

I didn't even know you were blogging while at BlogHer! So cool!

It was great meeting you and hanging out. Let's do it again next year!