Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mini Office - You don't have to have a whole room

If you have a home or small apartment that is "office challenged" then you can find a place to call your own. Here are some ideas

1)If you have a chair you sit in routinely in the living/family room, you can set one up there. You just need a side table where you can set up your sorter like in the picture above.

This shows the whole thing. I got two of the cubby units from Target and hooked them together for my table. I have 4 compartments to use. Two on the front side that I use a cubby basket for my trash can, then the other 3 are for books. (The other 2 slots are on the back side)
I have a portable file (Hecht of an Organizer) that I use for my business files. If we have company over I can pick it up and move it out of site.

I then have this over the arm organizer that holds pens/calculator, plugs for my camera and phone, chargers and a flat top surface that I usually have my Blogging notebook sitting on.

2) Closet not being used. Take off the door (it can be left on, you will probably just have to move your chair out to close the door) and hanger rod. You can paint the inside to make it look cute. You can build in a shelf for your desk. You can add some more shelves above it on the wall for storage of your items. On the right and left hand walls you can put up a magnetic board, bulletin board or more shelves. (I am picturing a single door coat closet when I talk about it)

3) An old wall unit or armour not being used can be used for an office.

4) Under the stairs storage area. Paint it, put in a light and desk. There is storage on the steps above (make shelves there) and on the side walls.

Be creative...think outside the box. A corner of your family room maybe that you can put a small table or corner desk may work.
If you have a kitchen counter top that you can steal a corner of.
Let me know what creative office space you may already have or take pictures to let me see what you have created!!

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Patricia said...

I always dream of being organized but never quite make it and then its a perilous down hill slide for a while! Am enjoying your blog, maybe by getting reminded via email regularly will keep me in check! Thanks for the effort anyway.

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