Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does your E-mail Inbox """Stress You Out?"""

Our E-mail can be as scary if not scarier than all the papers coming into our houses. We get junk mail, we get offers, we get pictures and letters, then more junk mail.
But sorting through it can be difficult.
I have to admit (as I did on my momtv show last night) that I am not an expert in this form of organizing. I think that might be because I am not techie at all and I am sure there are easier ways to do things on here that I am just not aware of.
Last night I had a great group of people who were teaching me a lot about different things that can help. You can see it if you go to this link on momtv .
I have tried to still use the basic methods of sorting paper.
1) File
2) Action
3) Trash

To file you need files. So you need to make folders to put things in. I have learned to use the filter option for my inbox. So that things that I don't necessarily have to read that day, newsletters etc. go directly into that folder. Then I try to look at it everyday and sort through it, but it is ok if I don't get to it until 2 or even 3 days later. But then I clean it out as I go.

Several people have several e-mail addresses to sort their mail. I have 3 e-mails but it isn't to sort my mail it is to keep business and personal separate. The 3rd is an old one that I have surveys and a couple point saving things I signed up for in.

I also may be the geek here in that I print out my important information. I have a notebook that I keep for my blogging and it just keeps my head clear of what I have to get done. I think this is because I am still old school at heart and I don't have my head completely wrapped around keeping everything in my computer folders. I hope to get to a point where I do not feel I need my notebook to feel like I have everything in control.
Thanks to my viewers last night in teaching me some new things!

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Zeemaid said...

Email is probably the one area that I am the most organized... I hate having un dealt with email. It bugs me when my husband doesn't attend to his so now I forward them on to his work.. *L* which I can do because he's the boss.

Sandy Jenney said...

Zeemaid...how do you organize your e-mail? Do you use yahoo, folders? Do you have any other application you use for e-mail?