Monday, July 20, 2009

Remodeling A Room - The Beginning Steps

You have decided you want to redo your teen's bedroom? Your teen or almost teen has outgrown The Dora the Explorer or Scoobie Doo comforters and are begging you to make their room a little "older".
Where do you begin?

1) Take a "Before" picture. I love before lets you see how far you have come once you finish the project.

2) Decide on your budget. This is important BEFORE you go shopping for anything. It will determine if you are shopping at a high end store or garage sales.

3) Get some graph paper and figure out your scale. 1 square = 1 foot or 2 squares = 1 foot. Measure your room dimensions and then measure any furniture that will be staying in the room. Then you can cut out the pieces and play with different arrangements in the room.

4) Pick a theme / colors for the room. (That is the fun part!)

5) Clear out the room and clean. Paint if you are going to paint

6) After you know how your furniture is going to fit into the space, then move the new or old furniture back into the room.

7) Add your new decor and you are done.

Be sure that when you take things out of the go through your sorting process.

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Richa said...

Your site is very friendly and the tips you have given are so clear and to the point. I like that since I too try to give tips in much easier for the reader to understand.
I especially like the 'before' picture tip...we usually tend to forget to do this.