Sunday, July 19, 2009

Share my Recipe Sunday - Meals for your family when you are Away

I wanted to get some ideas from you on what you do for meals for your family when you are away from home on a trip.
I am leaving for Blogher on Thursday of this week. I need to not only plan for myself and my trip, but for my family when I am away.
I have to admit I am not going to make meals for my family. I know many of you do...but my hubby has no problem cooking for himself or the kids when I am not there. He even does it at times if I am here, but busy doing something else.
I will however get to the grocery and make sure things are stocked before I leave. I will also make sure the laundry is all caught up and have the 2 teenagers get packed for camp. (They will be leaving before I get home on Sunday)


Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship said...

I think soups and frozen casseroles are the way to go, 100% when you need meals that are easily reheated. Here's my entry for this week, a soup perfect for freezing and/or reheating, coincidentally!
Also have cut veggies, whole fruits available. Make a meal plan to help hubby know what's available (they don't tend to LOOK in the fridge, do they?). Leave leftover meat for easy sandwiches like this: Good luck!

Christin said...

During warmer weather I'll head to Costco and stock up on seafood, meats and such that are easily grilled. I also brown a few pounds of ground beef before leaving. They can use that for tacos, spaghetti, barbecue, etc. Stock up on fresh fruits, deli meats and nice rolls, plenty of cereal and eggs, and a little cash for a meal out and I'm gone!

Now, when it's cooler I'll usually cook up a pot of chili and white chili as well as do a couple of casseroles (usually mac & cheese and something mexican). If there's enough time and cost-effective roasting a turkey breast is a great multi-meal option too!

Zeemaid said...

I never get to go away by myself but if say I'm working over the dinner hour... I pretty much let them figure it out for themselves. After all, I have to come up with dinner every night without help or input so why can't he? If it was say my teenage children, I may give them more direction but if hubby is home... he's a perfectly capable grown up too. :)

Amanda said...

I always try to make sure that there are enough meals or elements of meals in the freezer that can be easily assembled.

This weekend I have been working on re-stocking my freezer with tamales:

Also, check back a little later in the day and I will have posted one, if not two, salsa recipes!

Becky said...

White Chocolate Chip Spice Cookies!

I used McLinky this past week:

Kristen said...

Every time I have left the gang, regardless of my planning, they have eaten pizza, cereal and mac & cheese. Both times it was a major bachelor fest for boys and dad. I have given up making meals ahead for them and I have given up leaving, so it's a moot point at our house. I hope you have better luck!
Also, like Becky suggested, you should check out Mcklinky. It is really easy to use, it's free and so far, I haven't seen any problems.

Sandy Jenney said...

You guys are great! Thanks for the suggestions and recipes! I will give Mr. Linky a little time to come around, but if he doesn't I may try the McLinky.

shopannies said...

I do a week of easy meal shopping and then buy him little snacks

Alea said...

I have to leave several times a year to take care of my grandmother. Before I go I usually make a large batch of muffins, a batch of cookies, a pasta salad that can be served cold, and pulled pork or barbecue beef to use in sandwiches.