Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Office Organizing Can Be Fun! ?..well it can!

This is my office. I share it with my husband, his desk is just to the right of mine. The office is small...but I am still happy we do have it.
If you do not have an office or anywhere you can call your office but want to make one you need to consider a few things.

1) Usability/Accessibility - if it is in the back of the basement, will you actually use it? It needs to be some place you will use it.
2) Heating and cooling (if you are thinking of a basement, extra room or so forth).
3) Convenience - Does it work for you and your family?

You may consider these areas -
1) Kitchen - Is there a section of counter in the kitchen that you could call your own and set up a mini office?
2) Family room - Could you set up a mini office by your chair. (post on Thursday will show pictures of my mini office)
3) Corner of a room that you could put a small table or corner desk?

If you have an office, or an area in the family room that you do your paperwork, or a table in your bedroom....you need to make "Zones". Zones break down the office into what you need the most and use daily (Zone A) to items you don't use very often and can store elsewhere in the room. (Zone C)

Ok...so artist I am not! But this gives you the idea of what I am talking about.
You are in the center (of course....isn't it always about us?...LOL, sorry..goofy mood) and the circle closest to you is your Zone A.

Zone A - Things you use daily and need close at hand. You don't have to move to get these items.
1) In box for papers
2) Pencils/pens
3) Tape
4) Phone
5) Stapler/Scissors
6) Letter opener
7) Sticky notes
8) Paper
9) Trash can
10) Calculator
11) Computer

Zone B - Items that you may have to roll your chair around to, but are still close and accessible. You do not have to get up out of your chair.
1) File cabinet
2) Printer/copier/fax
3) Shredder

Zone C - In the office, but you have to get up and walk to.
1) Office supplies
2) Extra file cabinet - maybe files you don't access as often
3) Book shelf with reference books.

This gives you an idea of how I break it down. But you want to be efficient when you sit down to work in your office. You don't need to jumping up and down or you may not get anything accomplished.

More to come on Office organizing Thursday and Friday of this week. Stay tuned!

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