Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two Days without post!! Aaagggghhhh!!! Say it isn't so!

Yes...I got to meet Mrs Potato Head!! (pretty cool huh?)

It has been awhile since I have gone two days without putting up post. I frequently will take off Saturday..but not Saturday and Sunday! Share My Recipe Sunday will be back next Sunday. (promise)
I had an unbelievably good time at Blogher in Chicago this last weekend. I have sooo many people and sponsors to thank. You will be seeing that over this next week.
I didn't get to really "take you with me" as I had hoped. I wanted to be posting all weekend....but the wifi at the hotel we stayed at could not handle 1500 bloggers!
So I will try to do some double posting if needed to catch you up on all the pictures and people I got to meet.
It was soooo neat to have people come up and tell me they knew me...saw me! Thank you to all of you who did so!
(love doing this!)


Chanda said...

That is an awesome picture! I love it!

The Murray Crew said...

I'm sooo excited to be introduced to you and your blog! Thanks for your kindness this weekend - too sweet! =)

workout mommy said...

glad I got to meet you in person and I love my new Pouchee!

Mom101 said...

It was so nice meeting you right off the bat at registration and I'm so glad to see you had a great time too. Don't tell anyone...but I think the Mrs. Potatohead photo op was one of my own highlights as well. At least my kids think so.