Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tall Bloggers at Blogher!

First of all you need to get some perspective of this photo.
I am 5'10" tall. I am almost always the tallest woman in a room! For some reason both at Blissdom and Blogher I did not feel uncomfortable. I had some tall blogger company!! I was standing at the Nikon party behind these two woman and I interrupted them to tell them, "I just have to get a picture with the two of you, you are so tall...I love it!".
We are all standing flat footed. I do not think either of them had on heels..I know I did not.
This was Angie McCullagh from Half Assed Kitchen and All Aditer and Georgia Getz from i am bossy
They were so sweet to take a picture with me..a total tall stranger.

This is my buddy Kim from Crafty Mama of 4. I met her in person at Blissdom and then again at Blogher.
I love feeling shorter than other woman. I know it sounds dumb as so many ladies would love to be taller. Here is a secret...when I was in school I would be the first to take off my roller skates at skating parties. Just so I could walk around in my socks while others were still in their skates and were taller than me. LOL
Sorry tall ladies if you find me hanging around you at future Blogging just makes me feel good to "fit" in and see other woman face to face.


BOSSY said...

It is unbelievably true that many many bloggers are really tall. Not all, but the statistics are astounding compared to regular life. It must be the same gene that makes one over-share! Thanks for this sweet photo.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I am BARELY 5 ft 2 so I need to get a picture with ya'll next year in NYC as the shortie blogger!

Great photos!

craftymamaof4 said...

It does feel good to be in the company of other tall gals! I didn't take my skates off first I just stayed sitting! LoL

All Adither said...

The same reason I love having conversations with men, I can look them in the eye... Glad you grabbed the opportunity to shoot all three of us together!

Kristia@FamilyBalanceSheet said...

Now I really want to go to Blogher next year. I am over 5ft 10, so I would fit right in. That doesn't happen very often