Friday, July 31, 2009

It's True - I am an official Mann Fann and I now Have a Mann Crush! (t-shirt that is)

If you have followed my blog you might remember that I did a post about Chris Mann after BlissDom in February of this year. He is a great singer with lots of personality and likes to woo us bloggers!!
He sang at the People's Party the first night of BlogHer. He had a table set up and I went up to him to ask if when his CD was coming out. He said to me, "I remember you, you were at BlissDom." I do have to say that I was surprised...and pleased. (ok...let's hope its not because I am like this freak tall old woman who drools all over when I hear him sing? LOL) get on with my story... I told him I would like another picture with him before the weekend was over because I had such "bug eyes" when I got a picture with him and @alihooper at BlissDom.

(Yes..embarrassing picture...) So nice guy that he is, he says to me, "Well let's just get it right now." So he moves his table and comes out with me to get the first picture above with me in the orange jacket. And of course I have the "bug eye" thing going again!! I don't know why...I keep doing it in pictures lately. Trying to give myself an eye lift maybe?

But I did find out his CD comes out on August 11th! Also the itunes download etc... (I don't understand all that other stuff....amazonmp3, rhapsody etc..) But it comes out on all those formats on AUGUST 11th!

After I left that party I saw a few woman with these T-shirts that said Mann Crush. I asked them where they got them and they said that Chris gave them to them. I thought....hmmmm I really WANT one of those. After declaring myself a true Mann Fan it seems only fitting doesn't it? {picture me running back.... kicking woman out of my way and screaming through the crowd..."I have to get a Mann Crush T-shirt..outta my way!!" heard of the swag stories at BlogHer..but did you hear about the Mann Crush T-shirt stories? LOL }
Actually, I saw him later and asked him about the t-shirt. He said he was out of them but he would save me one and give it to me at BowlHer 2 nights later..but I needed to send him a direct message on Twitter to remind him. (I sent 2)
BowlHer night was a great party by the way. He came over sat down and told me he had brought me the shirt..and he would get it for me in a few minutes. He got called away. {Saved by the bell}

A little bit later I saw him talking to a @banteringblonde and @childhood (they are sooo nice by the way) and I walked up to wait my turn. (It did remind me of the Bachelor show...crack myself up!) Anyway...he got up to get my shirt and I had to get another picture of him with my shirt (and the BowlHer boa) and do my best not to "Bug My Eyes" out. I'm shameless! do need to go listen to some of his music on Chris Mann Music and you too can become a Mann Fan... and no sorry, ...I'm not giving away my Mann Crush T-shirt!
Thanks Chris for being such a real guy and being so nice to us older drooling mom bloggers! Next step...To become one of your official Mann Boo! (LOL)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tall Bloggers at Blogher!

First of all you need to get some perspective of this photo.
I am 5'10" tall. I am almost always the tallest woman in a room! For some reason both at Blissdom and Blogher I did not feel uncomfortable. I had some tall blogger company!! I was standing at the Nikon party behind these two woman and I interrupted them to tell them, "I just have to get a picture with the two of you, you are so tall...I love it!".
We are all standing flat footed. I do not think either of them had on heels..I know I did not.
This was Angie McCullagh from Half Assed Kitchen and All Aditer and Georgia Getz from i am bossy
They were so sweet to take a picture with me..a total tall stranger.

This is my buddy Kim from Crafty Mama of 4. I met her in person at Blissdom and then again at Blogher.
I love feeling shorter than other woman. I know it sounds dumb as so many ladies would love to be taller. Here is a secret...when I was in school I would be the first to take off my roller skates at skating parties. Just so I could walk around in my socks while others were still in their skates and were taller than me. LOL
Sorry tall ladies if you find me hanging around you at future Blogging just makes me feel good to "fit" in and see other woman face to face.

Blogher 09 - The Nikon Party (my favorite)

I have to admit being invited to the Nikon party was the highlight of the trip for me. I didn't get a direct invite from Nikon (I wish) but I did get an invite from Mommy Brain Reports (Monica) and that was just as thrilling. She was one of the VIP invited and extended her guest invite to me! (Thanks to Beth from The Plus Size Mommy)
This is Sugar Jones from Sugar in the Raw on the left and Monica in the center. We were in line here for the limo's to take us to the party at the Flatwater Restaurant in Chicago.
That is Monica to my right. (She was a wonderful date! LOL).
I hate to say that I do not remember everyone's names so I apologize and if anyone sees these pictures and can fill in names for would be greatly appreciated! Everyone was really nice though.
Sugar is the 2nd one in, then Danielle from ExtraOrdinary Mommy, Arianne from To Think is To Create, and Lori from A Cowboy's Wife. I felt very special to be in the same limo with these wonderful bloggers!

Monica had a scheduled interview with Carson Kressley (from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and How to Look Good Naked) when we first got there. Beth from Plus Size Mommy also got to interview they did it together. I was happy to snap pictures during it.

It was also special to get a picture with him myself.

The Flatwater Restaurant was wonderful! We took an elevator down to the restaurant and there was an outdoor patio with bar and seating. That is Can Can from Mom Most Traveled getting a massage.
Chair massages, hair and makeup stations and a red carpet to walk and get pictures with Carson was the highlight for many. Sugar is looking beautiful!! (not that she isn't in the first place) go my "bug eyes" again...LOL

I had a great time talking and getting to know Monica and Melissa from Consumer Queen. They are both just soooo sweet! Both of them are Walmart 11 mom's and could have acted like they were "too good to hang out" with little ol' me. But did they? No...they were wonderful to me and treated me with total respect. They are sooooo cool!! (#jeff)

Here we all are again along with Kim from Crafty Mama of 4. She has been nothing but nice to me from online to Blissdom to Blogher.

Here is a photo of me with Vdog from Vdog and Little Man...she was one of the famous Elevator 13 drama with me!!

Yes....good friends, old and new...wonderful treatment... wonderful food and celebrity....beautiful restaurant....fantastic sponsor...Nikon...what could be better?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blogher 09 - Day 2

I started off going to the "Newbie" breakfast. I had Sara Patterson from Label Daddy recognize me and she introduced me to Toni Patton and Miranda Kuskie. They asked me to eat with them...(that is soo nice when people do that)

I had done a review on the Label Daddy it was really fun to see who I had been e-mailing and talking to on Twitter.

I walked all through the Expo Hall and got to visit all the vendors.
This is Nina from Sprout. I have to say that I do not know the show, but I thought the triplets would know it..and thought it was fun she was there.
The All detergent Fairies...what a riot!
Great day! More to come on Friday night!!

Two Days without post!! Aaagggghhhh!!! Say it isn't so!

Yes...I got to meet Mrs Potato Head!! (pretty cool huh?)

It has been awhile since I have gone two days without putting up post. I frequently will take off Saturday..but not Saturday and Sunday! Share My Recipe Sunday will be back next Sunday. (promise)
I had an unbelievably good time at Blogher in Chicago this last weekend. I have sooo many people and sponsors to thank. You will be seeing that over this next week.
I didn't get to really "take you with me" as I had hoped. I wanted to be posting all weekend....but the wifi at the hotel we stayed at could not handle 1500 bloggers!
So I will try to do some double posting if needed to catch you up on all the pictures and people I got to meet.
It was soooo neat to have people come up and tell me they knew me...saw me! Thank you to all of you who did so!
(love doing this!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Arrival at Blogher 09

I arrived by airplane about 11am to Chicago O'Hare airport. Found the shuttle to the Sheraton Hotel and Towers without any problems.

I met my roomie Military_Mom aka Shellie and I am a lucky person! For not meeting before in person I think being her roommate will be a lot of fun. I think we are getting along great. (Now ask us on Sunday and it may be another story. LOL..nope..I don't think so.)
This is the view out our room on the 20th floor!! Cool huh? And if we look out and across we can see Lake Michigan and all the boats. (Looks like an ocean...makes me think I am some place tropical. LOL)
Ok...Miliary Mom and Miliary Mama are friends (go figure right?) and so they have had me tagging along with them to all these parties.

This is the Socialux party. Both Shellie and Tara had registered for this early and did not end up getting their swag bags (goodies bags..these had cameras in them!)
Lots of people, food and drinks. Great sponsors...Kodak, Swiffer, Lego, Landsend, Eye-Fi and several others. Chris Mann also sang. He was in Blissdom and loved his music..(not to mention he is sooo cute and actually seems really nice!)
Ok...get this. We had this at the Hyatt downtown Chicago. This was the same place that the President was. There were secret service everywhere....people dressed up waiting in lines to go to ...what I guess was a fund raiser. That added a little excitement to the mix.

The People's Party was next right here in our hotel. Lots of people and look at the swag bags.

Chris Mann was was here and I got his picture. I am going to give him a whole post because I think he deserves it...later today. (hopefully if I can get back on the internet...has been an ordeal so far.)

This is the last party I went to...if this picture gives you some idea of what it was like. It was the Room 704 party. I met the ladies who put this on when I was at Blissdom. We actually got stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes. They are a hoot. They were staying in room 704 there..and had a big party in their room. So they decided to repeat it..but it was sooo big they had to have it down in one of the lobbies. They gave away some very interesting swag bags (can you say vibrators ladies?). Nope...I didn't get one..we came in a few minutes too late again. was a very interesting evening.
Stay tuned!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heading to Blogher! I will take you with me on my blog!

I am heading to Blogher in Chicago today. For those of you who may not know, Blogher is a blogging conference. It takes place this weekend and from what I have seen there are supposed to be around 1,500 bloggers there.
If you are on twitter you will see #Blogher all weekend. That is people talking about it.
There are many big sponsors who are going to be there. Companies are realizing that going to the mom bloggers they can get the word out about their companies and products to a huge amount of people.
Chevrolet is giving bloggers cars to drive if they carpoole together. They had to apply for it ahead of time.
Quaker Oats is going to be there, PepsiCo is going to be there.
Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is going to be at the Nikon party. So yes Nikon Camera is hosting a party (I got invited as a guest of one of the VIP woman who were asked)
The Michelin Man is going to be there for Michelin tires.
Paula Dean is going to be there.
The list goes on...
I will be going to the Nikon party on Friday night and then hopefully over to MomAFluence party after that.
On Saturday night I will be going to Bowlher. is a bowling party. MomTV is sponsoring that. It will be video streamed live.
There is so much fun to come!
I will take pictures and post daily my adventures.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Packing for BlogHer - Make that list!

Are you going to Blogher? I am and I am so excited. I have a list of all the things I have to pack. Problem for me will be trying to get it into one suitcase that isn't too big for the airlines. I am flying United and I have to pay $15 for the first bag and $25 for the second. Doesn't sound like a lot, but coming and going it will add up!
I am also going to be selling pouchees at the Swap Meet (Make sure you stop by....they will be on a "BLOGHER SPECIAL" and without shipping cost when you buy from my table.)so I sent my pouchees ahead of time. So that is one less thing to worry about.
On the #GNO twitter party last night I said something about making a list and someone said she didn't have time to make a list. What? I can't imagine all the things I would forget if I had not been making the list along the way remembering all the little things.

Here are a few examples of the things that I think would be very easy to forget.

*Power cord for phone
*Power cord for laptop
*Charger for phone and download cable for camera to computer.
*Extension cord (to plug in during sessions if you aren't right by an outlet)
*power strip
*Mini video camera and batteries or charger
*business cards
*Confirmation numbers for flights/hotel reservations
*Blogher confirmation, party information
*swim suit
*extra cash

Those are just a few of the easy things I think there would be to forget. Of course all your clothes, shoes, undergarments would already be on the list.

Let me know if I reminded you of anything that was not on your list and tell me what are some other things you can add to the list that someone might forget?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Remodeling A Room - The Beginning Steps

You have decided you want to redo your teen's bedroom? Your teen or almost teen has outgrown The Dora the Explorer or Scoobie Doo comforters and are begging you to make their room a little "older".
Where do you begin?

1) Take a "Before" picture. I love before lets you see how far you have come once you finish the project.

2) Decide on your budget. This is important BEFORE you go shopping for anything. It will determine if you are shopping at a high end store or garage sales.

3) Get some graph paper and figure out your scale. 1 square = 1 foot or 2 squares = 1 foot. Measure your room dimensions and then measure any furniture that will be staying in the room. Then you can cut out the pieces and play with different arrangements in the room.

4) Pick a theme / colors for the room. (That is the fun part!)

5) Clear out the room and clean. Paint if you are going to paint

6) After you know how your furniture is going to fit into the space, then move the new or old furniture back into the room.

7) Add your new decor and you are done.

Be sure that when you take things out of the go through your sorting process.

You can be in on the announcement I made on my show if you watch my momtv show playback!
Or you can wait a couple of weeks and see it on my blog!

GalTime Magazine Launches TODAY!!

Today is the day that GalTime online magazine launches!! {cheers and wild clapping!!}
There are all kinds of experts on their panel and will be able to give you (and me) wonderful information!
There are Doctors who can help with health concerns, there are fitness experts, a Food Network Challenge Star, a personal lawyer, nutrition experts, someone who is an expert at teaching woman mechanics!! There is so much more too! You have to check it out!
There are going to be articles and videos. It is going to be the "place to be"!!
If you sign up to be a member you will also receive a can of free sunscreen right now. Hoot Hoot!!
If you want to read more about it and Charlene (one of the creators) then you can read her guest post she did last week here.
Come and join me at!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Share my Recipe Sunday - Meals for your family when you are Away

I wanted to get some ideas from you on what you do for meals for your family when you are away from home on a trip.
I am leaving for Blogher on Thursday of this week. I need to not only plan for myself and my trip, but for my family when I am away.
I have to admit I am not going to make meals for my family. I know many of you do...but my hubby has no problem cooking for himself or the kids when I am not there. He even does it at times if I am here, but busy doing something else.
I will however get to the grocery and make sure things are stocked before I leave. I will also make sure the laundry is all caught up and have the 2 teenagers get packed for camp. (They will be leaving before I get home on Sunday)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remodeling a Room - A Journey

A portion of my two teenagers bedroom.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to take you on a journey with me. I am going to take a teenagers bedroom and overhaul it. Thanks to Walmart I have been given the opportunity to completely overhaul my teenagers bedroom. Now...for us we have two teenagers in this room. We gave the boys the options..and this is what they decided. The older of the two boys is going to get this room. The younger of the two (and he had the final decision) picked to move his room to an unfinished room in the basement. So not only do we have one bedroom to have completed (before Aug.7 by the way)...we are actually overhauling two rooms!!
In this room (which is about 10x12) there is the bunk bed set you see, two dressers and that is about it. So they are thrilled to be getting their own spaces.
Here is the deal that Walmart has offered me. This is sooo cool! They have a new line out in their stores for teenagers that is called "Your Zone". You can mix and match from furniture to decor...and you can do it right on their web site. It is fun to play with.
But all you who are thinking how lucky I am to have this chance to change my teenagers room...guess what....YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE TOO!!!!!
In the coming you have to keep watching....I will be having a contest so that one of you also gets a $500 gift card to redecorate your teenagers room!! Is that too cool or what!!??? I am so excited to be able to offer this to all of you!
I just found out about this whole thing at the end of last week, so I am still in the planning stages (and don't have a lot of time for the whole thing). I am taking a trip to Walmart today to check things out in person.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009