Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Click for Clutter!!

I want to tell you about a really neat adventure that Darryle is on for 2009. She is determined to clear out her clutter, so she has made up a blog called, "Click for Clutter."
She is taking pictures of the things that she isn't using and
can't decide what to do with. The readers then vote for each item for either *Keep...*Toss....*Give to Me. If you want her to give it to you then you have to write why you would like to have it.
She has a date each item is going to end.
How fun is this for others to follow! How cool is this that Darryle has such determination to clear out her clutter.
Check out her site Click for Clutter!


Darryle said...

Wow I can see how organized you must be by how fast you visited my site and posted this! I am impressed--and thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope you visit alot, I can use all the organizing help I can get!

Stesha said...

Sounds like a great site. Off to visit. Also, thanks for the award will post on Thursday.

Kristen said...

Super Idea! I have been donating most of my items to charity, but this is a fun idea! I'll have to check it out.