Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Vision Board

You may say to yourself..."What the heck is a vision board?"
This is just a board that you can make that you can see visually see your goals and what you would love to have your space look like. Also the other dreams and goals you have in life. (Like one of hers is to go on a trip)
This is one that one of my clients did on her own. I was so impressed. This is someone who is an actual hoarder..but she is so motivated and is determined to get out from underneath it!
You can look through magazines or look on the web and see a room or idea you like and would like to mimic and cut it out. Of course you probably won't end up with the exact room...that's not the point. The point is to have a goal and a vision. Then when you are going through that space you can say to yourself, "Will this big pink stuffed elephant really fit into the vision I want for this room or can I finally give it up to a someone who will love it as much as I have?"
One of the visions my client has for her home is to have a paperless home. She is a wiz on the computer and has a scanner and plans to scan all of her paperwork to save it. She saw this in the newspaper and I think she will actually be able to achieve it.
Even if you don't put it on some kind of bulletin board or magnetic board, you can still do the same thing and just put the pictures in a notebook or even just write them down.
Give it a try!


Mandy said...

Wonderful I absolutely Believe in Vision Boards especially if it was in a movie. I use the affirmation "I have 1 million Happy Customers Right Now" on mine. Happy New Years

Two Little Lambs said...

I have a gift for you!

Annie said...

The Vision board helps you establish, visualize and actually reach your most important goals and desired outcomes