Monday, January 26, 2009

Scissors and Staplers

I think that being organized and having what you need where you need it work together. If you are trying to accomplish a task and need scissors but have to go in search of a pair...time is wasted. There is some office equipment that are considered "staples" to me. Among them are of course pens and pencils, but also scissors, tape and staplers. I have these items in several areas of my home so that they are convenient and "at hand" when I need them....where I need them.
The above picture is my husband's desk.
This is my desk area where I get orders ready.

This is my "mini office" beside my couch where I sit and do most of my work...out in our family room.
This is the top of our "landing zone" when you come in our front door. My husband's spot is to the left, but I have scissors, pens and pencils at hand.

This is on my dryer. I have scissors there to cut strings or tags or what ever may need to be cut.
This is in the kitchen. I have a pair of scissors with my knives. I use them for everything in the kitchen. I actually have a 2nd pair in another part of the kitchen.
This is the kids craft cart. They have their own scissors. Actually Santa brought them scissors, mini stapler and scotch tape and put them in each of their stockings...Did you know that Santa is very organized too? He would have to be wouldn't he?

Just thinking where else I have scissors. I have some in my bathroom. I also have scissors and tape in my basement in my cart for wrapping presents. So they are there when I need them.
Having these items accessible when you need them will save you time and steps.

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Anonymous said...

I keep scissors & tape in the van glove compartment too. Can't tell you how many times those ones have come in handy!