Monday, January 5, 2009

Insert for file drawer.

File drawer "Before"

Storage bin I found

2 bins in, you can see space below it

Finished drawer.

My husband cleaned out his desk the other day. His desk is just as I say, "his desk". He would prefer me not to organize it for him (Ok...he won't let me organize it for him). His idea of what goes in an office desk is not my idea of what goes in a desk drawer. (Fishing lures and screwdrivers?) He did clean out a lot (although if you look close you can see that he missed a circle stencil on the ground behind the drawer...I didn't see it until I looked closer at these pictures) But guess is his desk and not it has to work for him...not me! Just as organizing for anyone, if it doesn't work for the person who is going to use the space, then it there isn't a chance it will stay that way.
He wanted to use this file drawer for storing his "stuff". He asked me if I knew of something they make for a file drawer so that he can layer it. Of course I tried to talk him out of having to left off one bin to get to the others....but to no avail. I was in Office Max yesterday and happen to see these bins made for just this purpose. You can actually use them in the front of a file drawer or a portable file bin. They were $4.99 each and were on sale (buy two and get one free). So I got 3 for him. He is thrilled. You do have to left out the top bins to get to the things on the bottom, but that is how he wanted it.
As an organizer I can offer my suggestions and attempt to show my clients how things can work more efficiently for them, but in the end the organizing system has to work for that individual and not me. And this worked for my husband.

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Org Junkie said...

That's awesome Sandy! My hubby and I have a deal...I don't touch his workshop and he lets me say what goes where in the rest of the house. Pretty good deal I thought, it's all about compromise :)