Thursday, January 22, 2009

Planning your Day

Do you take the time in the morning to plan your day? Do you give yourself at least 10 minutes to look at your daily calendar and make sure you aren't going to miss any appointments?
I know many of you are going to say that your baby is up before you and you don't have the time, or mornings are just "too crazy" to ever think of such a thing.
But if you want to get a good start on the day and not miss things then it is something that should be done.
There is no reason to say that you can't do it the night before..or even on Sunday sometime, plan out your week. Then each day you can add in the little things that pop up and that may save you some time.
1) Have a designated area that you always plan your day.
2) Use a planner or have a pad of paper that you keep in that spot (so you can find it later)
3) List out errands that may need to be run or chores to do.
4) The grocery list can be started here.
5) List what you need to get ready for your dinner.
6) Plan out times if you have to work, when you get home and then what needs to be done, or errands that you have to run on your lunch hour.

Planning ahead will save you time and help you to stop missing the little things (like sending out the electric bill or forgetting to send in snacks for your "Snack Day" at your child's school.)
If this is something that you have never done, then start slow and with a general list. Work from there and add in the little things.
What is rewarding is when you can cross off all the things that you do get accomplished. If there are things you didn't get done (and there almost always is!) then you add those onto the days that you have a little more time.

This is a picture of the list I use. I made it up to fit my needs. It is in my planning notebook at the front. I have done some adjustments to it (and need to adjust the form itself-but have copies made up and want to use them all up first)but it helps me plan my day.
On the right hand column I have "Home". That is where I write if I work that day, if I have laundry, go to post office etc. Below that is my grocery list. I have it done so that I can cut that piece out and take with me to the grocery. (Watch soon on my review site I will be reviewing the Smart is awesome and I won't need this grocery column anymore with that!!)
The left hand column concerns my business. I separate it out to help keep it straight. My organizing business I have separate from my blogging "To do" list ..then I have my pouchees and buttons (I have some exciting plans for my buttons in the next will be seeing them used for organizing!)
Find what works for you. It may be a preset planner, it may just be a blank steno pad that you keep near by. But I think that you will find by using it daily, your days will flow smoother.


Ali said...

Great idea. It seems like a good way to breathe and start the day calmly. Thanks for sharing another brilliant idea.

sandy said...

Thanks for sharing! This is a great idea. When I worked outside the home I always had a planner, why not for my "at home" job:0)

Joanna said...

These are GREAT ideas! I haven't really been organizing myself well since I was downsized at work. Thanks for inspiring me to get back on the horse!

Mama Krit said...

I'm a huge list person. I will break things up into small portions, JUST to have the satisfaction of crossing things off the list quicker. Sometimes I'll even add things I've already done to cross them off right away, because it is depressing to look at a huge list with nothing crossed off! :) Does that make me sound crazy?

Party Elizabeth said...

Great Idea Sandy!!! I am soooo A.D.D and soooo disorganized I need to read your blog more often =)

Party Elizabeth

Two Little Lambs said...

Great advice! I try to keep a list, but usually end up with 2 or 3 separate lists (in different areas of the house) which never get compiled into 1 master list. I do love crossing things off as I finish them!

Rebecca said...

You have won the "Your blog is Fabulous" Award! Check it out at The Copper Brick Road