Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year - Fresh Start - Goals

So did you do it yet? Have you sat down and made a goal list?
I did mine this morning. I made myself a form last year when I had so many different projects going - so that I could keep track of things. I used that form and just filled in things I wanted and planned to do this year.
Try and take even 5 minutes at some point today to make out your list of goals.
Keep this list some place where you can access it throughout the year.
If you have a notebook that you keep track of daily things or a drawer where you do your bills, but it feels great to be able to mark things off your list as you go.
I am a list maker and love to mark the things off...I feel like I have accomplished something!
I tend to be visual. I want to see things on paper that are floating around in my head. It makes things more concrete to have it in writing.
One of my goals is to develop a blogging directory. I have gotten a couple to make a list of all my blog sites, passwords etc. But I just haven't found one that I really like and has everything I want. I want a place to jot down which contests I have entered and which blogs have added my button to their sites, also which sites are reviewing my pouchees and a list of products and the sites they come from that I plan to review.
I am sure many of you computer gurus have everything listed somewhere on your computer. I use the bookmarks and folders for e-mails..but I still want something more organized and concrete to flip open and see. (Call me old school!)
If any of you have any other suggestions as to what would be valuable to add to this kind of directory..let me know - maybe I will come up with a new product for all of us to use!


Ali said...

Sandy, I decided that I want my list to be your list, so can you send me a copy {wink}. You are full of the best ideas!

Two Little Lambs said...

Love your blog! Organization is on the top of my list for 2009. It makes me so happy to think about getting organized. I'm off to a good start now I have to tackle my boys room. It's a disaster. Thanks for all the great tips and keem 'em coming.