Monday, January 12, 2009

Closet Rod Dividers

I found these closet rod dividers at The Container Store. I bought them for one of my clients that had a baby girl with several sizes of clothes in her closet. She had clothes from her older daughter and wanted them where she could see them since her baby was growing so fast.
We will simply write the different sizes on the tabs and use them in the closet to keep things straight. You can use them for different seasons (if you have the room in your closet) too. If 2 children need to share a closet they could use them to help keep their clothes separated.
What other ways can you think of how they can be used? Let me know.


Stesha said...

Great idea!

Annie said...

I love those! I made some when my guy was an infant due to all of the sizes in the closet.

I left you some bloggy love on my flying blog.

MooreMagnets said...

what a great idea! I could use those to keep up with the hand-me-downs between our 3 boys! Thanks for sharing!

closet said...

Those would make great shower gifts. I have a Container Store near me. :)