Saturday, January 10, 2009

I was given another Award!

Sisterhood in the blogosphere!
It is so cool that someone would think of me for an award! I have been so excited at this new blogging world I have discovered over the last few months. Along with learning many new things, I have met some wonderful people!!

Here's an award created by Diana:

This is the Sisterhood award (inspired by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). This is a special award that should be given to your best bloggy girlfriend(s). Give them the award to thank them for their special friendship.

This award was given to me by Felicia from Go Graham Go She has such a cute site and has just been wonderful!! Thank you soooo much for making me one of your New Friends Felicia!!

Now this award will go to 7 more friends.

First it will got to 5 "old" friends:

1) The Hoopers - Ali has become a wonderful friend online...and we will soon meet to travel to Blissdom 09! So who could be better for the Sisterhood of Blogosphere Award?!

2)I'm an Organizing Junkie - Laura's site was
one of the very first blogs I ever saw. I came on it before I really knew or understood the blogging world. I loved it. Of course anything organizing I would love! I liked that it was a very comfortable easy feeling to it and I wanted to give my web site (when I was developing it) the same comfortable feel but yet still seeming professional. This was almost a year before I ever developed my blog.

3) Crafty Momma of 4 - Kim has been one of my twitter buddies along with helping me with blogging issues. I am so excited to meet her at the Blissdom 09 in Nashville!

4)Mom Maven - Cindy has also been a good twitter buddy. She has a lot to share and has been through a lot. Through many trials comes great wisdom!

5) Plus Size Mommy - Beth has a great blog and has been going through a very hard time in her life in the last several weeks!

This award will also be given to 2 New friends:

1) Two Little Lambs - Elizabeth gave me my first award, "Your Blog is Fabulous!". I was so excited. She has such a cute blog and her little lambs are really cute!!!

2) I've Blogged About Your Giveaway - This is a great site for finding out what giveaways are going on! Check it out!!


Ali said...

You are awesome. Thanks, Sandy. You are a sister to me in so many ways.

Two Little Lambs said...

Thanks so much Sandy! I am so excited to receive an award....

Org Junkie said...

Thank you Sandy! What a beautiful compliment you've given me, it means a lot.

Your blog design is really great, job well done!