Saturday, January 10, 2009

I got a Blog Popz!

Blog Popz: A Sweet Valentines' Blog Treat
Introducing Blog Popz, the sweetest way to give props to fellow bloggers! A virtual version of the lollipops you gave in school to friends and admirers, each color represents a different theme. Get popz from authorized candy stores, receive them from fellow bloggers, and register your pop entering to win fantastic prizes for distributing and receiving the most popz!

You can receive blog popz from other bloggers and you can give them. You have to visit the "Candy Stores" check it all out and give them.

There are 5 sites that are the "Candy Stores"

1) Not So Blog Blog is the store for the LOVE popz.
2) Cool Baby Kid is the store for the FAV popz
3) Ohana Mama is the store for the FRIEND popz
4) Suzy-Q Homemaker is the store for the MENTOR popz
5) From Dates to Diapers is the store for the CUTE popz

This is so cute!! Then they are going to have drawings of those who end up with the most Popz for Valentines day. The grand prize winner sponsor is Kids Coats!! Check them cute!
Check into it and give some Popz to sites that are special to you!


Stesha said...

That is such a great idea!

Shelly Morton said...

Sandy: Shelly Morton of (Faithful Organizer Member). I've been trying to reach you about a free listing I gave you on my directory on my home organizing website. Your email at bounced, so I thought I'd try your blog.

Please contact me at or go to the Contact Me page on


Shelly Morton

P.S.: Love your Blog!