Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Work On It Wednesday

I am going to be starting this weekly blog and you can join along!!
What do you need to work on that you need help with? I know for me I need others to help me, encourage me and motivate me. It helps to be accountable to others to help achieve our goals. Organizing is not only organizing your home and your is also about being disciplined in other areas of your life.
You may have a goal this year of getting organized. It may be to lose weight or to have more prayer time. Exercise and planning meals is a big one too.
I have several actually, but my main one is to lose the rest of my weight.
I started out just over a year ago with Jenny Craig to lose 50#. I got down to 47 pounds just before my year goal (which was Dec. 30th) But then I gave in to all the holiday goodies! Every year I make all kinds of good stuff that my boys kept saying, Mom you are making the buckeyes and 7 layer cookies and toffee right? I did make the buckeyes, but this year tried fudge and (darn it for my diet) it came out great! I also made haystack cookies (love those) and some hard tac candy. The first 3 were my downfall. I haven't been able to get myself back into full losing mode. I gained...gulp...about 6-7 pounds back. Now I am back at a 10 pound mark. The thing that is the worse is that if in only about 3 weeks I gained 7 pounds then how am I going to keep this weight off? I have been thin majority of my life. Even after baby #4 I was only carrying about 15 pounds more than I did in high school. I am 5'10" tall. I gain in my hips. But after my divorce (which in 2000 I got down almost to high school weight and was actually too thin) I accepted my new life (I didn't want the divorce and fought for our marriage for 2 years) and with the Lords help felt real happiness again. That is when I started gaining. I met Dave and was only 10 pounds from where I wanted to be...but just got too happy. We both gained. I ended up over the next 4 years gaining another 30 pounds. I weighted more than when I was pregnant with any of my kids.
Ok...I will show you my "Before" picture. I won't take my "after" picture until I have lost all 50 pounds.
Yuk!! I felt terrible. I was down to only having 2 pair of pants fit me. They were size 14 Lee (which tend to run I was probably size 16 in other styles) and they were tight. I think that is what finally got me in gear to join Jenny Craig. I would try on my own and last only a few days. I would get hold of something sweet and think .."only this one"...and it was like an addiction. That was all it took and I was back off into eating all my goodies. I was bound and determined not to buy the next size pants.
I am back into a size 10 Lee, but still need to get this other 10 pounds off and then maintain!
Follow me on my journey.

What is your journey? Let's work on it together.


PlusSizeMommy said...

you have just received a bloggy award to thank you for all your hard work and a great blog, you may pick it up here :)

JenReg said...

Oh Sandy, do I ever need help organizing! We don't have much storage in our house, and I'm actually waiting for my hubby to get rid of a few of our closet organizers so he can hang rods...I have no place to put all of my clothes (and I've gotten rid of a bunch). Actually, take a look at my post, and you'll see why I have problems!

Maybe you could just come and move in with might be easier!

Thanks Sandy!

Mama Krit said...

What a great idea. I want to lose weight as well, so I will be joining along with you.

Mary said...

Hi Sandy! It's great to hear that you are grounded in your weight loss and health after having to deal with eating disorders. You are so close to your goal! Congrats!

chaotic kitten said...

I have a big, big journey that I have tentatively begun, of dehoarding my extremely cluttered house.
I am finding so much advice, inspiration and support by reading blogs like yours :) Thank you.