Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are we ever ready for an emergency or death or a loved one?

Emergencies and death are never anything that anyone of us expects. We don't plan them on a calendar, we don't clear our work schedule knowing they are how many of us are actually ready for them?
There have been several things in the last week that have prompted me to write this post today. The first happened on Valentine's Day. This sweet young 19 year old mother (my niece from my ex husband) died suddenly. She didn't feel well at 7am and went out to sit up in her dad's chair. She was found dead by her 9 year old sister 3 hours later. Evidently she had some kind of pulmonary aneurysm (basically the explosion of a vessel and she died instantly). I have 4 boys who lost a very loved and dear cousin. Do you think anyone was ready for that? No! Do you think there a 19 year old had a will for her 2 year old son? I am sure not (but I don't know for sure).
The 2nd came from an e-mail of my friend who said that an elderly Uncle died without a will and she and her mother are having a terrible time locating his next of kin to figure out who his things will go to.
The last one came from Donna who's blog Stop and Visit the Zoo won my Gem of the week award this week. She posted yesterday about being called to a neighbors home because her friend and neighbor had found her husband dead that am. They are still trying to locate paperwork that she will need. Donna made a list of the items that should be kept at hand in case of an emergency or death. Please visit her blog for the complete list.
You need to have a will in place people!! Do not think that you can do it later, do not keep putting it off because it is terrible to think about! If your husband dies are you going to be fine if all your accounts are frozen because it is in probate court for months? It is not an easy or fast procedure to go through if there is no will!
Do you have your credit card numbers and information written down if your purse gets stolen? Do you have a list of all of the important cards you carry in your wallet? Do you know where your birth certificate, marriage license, passport are?
Please think on this today, and if you do not have things in order, put them on your list of things to get done ASAP.


Donna said...


Very well put. It is always one of those things that you will "get around to." Well the getting around to it, keeps getting put off at times until it is too late.

Folks take a moment and put a list together. Make it a priority for the next week to get all these important papers.

If you think going to the lawyer is too expensive then get some software and figure out the basics for your state so your family is protected.

Jocelyn said...

Isnt' that the truth!?

We talk about it all the time...who will our son go to if we both pass away? When are we gonna get an atty to write it up for us?? It goes on and on without completion.

My father-in-law is all over it. Since early in my marriage, my father-in-law has given my husband and I his & my mil's living wills, expressed their desires, told my husband where the money is, etc. A well organized man.

We need to get it taken care of.
Thanks Sandy!!

Stesha said...

This post really made me stop and think. My husband and I have talked about updating all of insurance information and setting up a will for our children. Reading your post made me realize that I need to do this now, rather than later.

Hugs and Mocha,

Stuff could always be worse said...

I know this too well, since my mom died in her sleep suddenly. She did not have a will.