Thursday, February 12, 2009

Electricity Out - Do you have a plan?

As I am sitting here in a coffee shop (The Hot Spot to be exact...cutest little coffee shop in my town...I have my own little room here that is warm and quiet with a nice table, coffee and pastries, what could be better?) so that I can get on the internet, I am wondering if you have a plan for the electricity going out?
There are disaster plans that you can have mapped out....and right now I am not necessarily talking to that extent. I am just talking power have no idea for how long and do you have a plan? Did I?....well to some extent I did...and to some extent I did not. It certainly isn't what I would like it to be. There have been so many power outages in the last few years and we have been very lucky to not have one longer than a couple of hours. But just a couple of years ago we had a terrible ice storm right around Christmas. I had many friends who had no power for days...we never lost power. Then just last fall we had a terrible wind storm and friends and family were out of power for over a week. Again, we were spared.
Last night we had another wind storm. Our power went out at 10:30 pm, right when we were about to turn the light off anyway. It is still out this am as I write this from the coffee shop at 11:15am. I had a flashlight at my bedside which we used this am. I knew right where the other flashlights were and 2 of them actually had batteries that worked....2 of them didn't (kids take them out and play with them.) I had the lighter and candles and I was able to find those easily. Dave had bought me a wind up radio that I had tucked in a drawer and so I was able to listen to the news on the radio. So those things were in place.
What is not in place that will be after today is that we do not have a generator. I have wanted to get one, but we just haven't wanted to spend the money. Our worry today is the sump pump. I can handle a cold house but I do not want a flooded basement. Dave stopped on his way to work and was able to get one that will take care of the sump pump, be able to plug the refrigerator, heater and some lights into. I am thrilled. It will give me a piece of mind for the next time we lose power, and later today if the power is still out when he gets home from work.
We take electricity for granted that is for sure. You realize that when the power is out and you try turning the light on in every room you walk into. Or you think that you can heat your muffin up in the microwave or make toast and realize you can't.

Make a plan for your power going out.
1)Flashlight by your bedside with working batteries. (don't let the kids play with this one.)
2) Batteries in your alarm clock as a back up (which I have to say I did not have in myself!)
3) Candles, batteries and a lighter in one place that you will know right where to find them when you need them...even if its in the dark.
4) Get a generator if possible.
5) Remember to keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed so your food may last loger.

Any other suggestions related to just the electricity being out? I know there are more...let me here your ideas and experiences.

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