Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Work On It Wednesday

It is Work on it Wednesday and I sit here and think about how many things I really need to be working on.
*I need to be working on making some money (budget is getting tight)
*I need to be working on exercising (I haven't been doing very good with that.)
*I need to be working on spending more time reading my Bible.
*I need to be working on really deep cleaning this house.
*I need to be working on cooking healthier and better meals.
*I need to be working on changing over my blogs from blogger to wordpress (scares
me to death to think about that. I have been told its important...but I don't want
*I need to be working on losing my weight.

I can really over whelm myself. I can start to get depressed thinking....what the heck good am I anyway? But then I have to sit and think about the positives.
*I have been working very hard at building my Organizing business. As people have
cut back on having me come to their homes...I am working on new ways with my blogs
to help our income. (plus I work at the Dr. office part time)
*I do leg lifts when I am brushing my teeth...does that count for exercise? LOL
*I went to a ladies mini retreat and did spend some time in the Word.
*I vacuumed and dusted yesterday along with the laundry. Today I am going to work on
the upstairs.
*Tonight we are having Chicken Devan with chicken breast and broccoli.
*I am going to research the Wordpress vs. blogger thing and see what is involved.
*I didn't eat too bad yesterday (it was just the weekend that wasn't so good.) I
just have to remember to start fresh today and behave myself.

We are really good at beating ourselves up for the things we don't do. But we need to be better at giving ourselves a pat on the back once in awhile.
Please visit the ladies below to follow their progress. Add your name to the list and let us know what you are working on this Wednesday.

I am giving my Gem of the Week award this week to Zee Maid of In the Mommy Trenches . She has taken on a big task of organizing and cleaning several rooms of her house. She has taken some pictures of the "before" earlier this week. Go visit her and cheer her on!!


Three Prince Designs said...

i am in- but this might be embarressing- some of the rooms are bad!!

Zeemaid said...

Still working on organizing and losing weight... :)

Thanks for the kind mention in your post and your Gem of the Week. I appreciate and I will definitely link back to you. I have your button already up. :)