Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scrapbook rooms - Great Book!

This book "The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker" by Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvey is wonderful if you are a scrapbooker and have any desire to organize any kind of scrapbooking space. Here is the is sold out and Aby doesn't know if they are going to republish the book!! advice if you have any interest is to look for it. I honestly don't know if the scrapbooking stores picked it up or not or if it went into stores (I am thinking that Achievers did carry it)but there may be some copies left somewhere on the shelves. The other place is resale book stores, e-bay etc. And we can hope it will get republished.
Aby's site is Simplify 101 - and Wendy's blog is The Possibilities are Endless... . You guys these are great resources for scrapbooking and organizing your scrapbooking materials. You need to visit them. They are the pros!!
One of my readers commented (thank you Ali) that I can also label my colored buckets to see what is easily inside. You rock Ali.... here is an example. I more than likely had the idea in my head from this book to even use the buckets. I wasn't consciously thinking of it at the time, but it sure makes sense since I had studied this book.

The cover is Aby's scrapbooking room and office (I think) and this is Wendy's room.


Ali said...

Remember, in a previous post, I said that I'm making the best of what I have and that's okay. Well, now you are making me want a "real" craft room! Those pictures are too fun!

Scrap Box said...

Really seems to be very inspiring book for scrap booking