Monday, February 23, 2009

Business Cards - How do I organize them? Or do I even keep them?

Business cards almost seem like they are "going out of style" with the technology that we all have. Just enter your client or the business right into your blackberry right? Well, that is fine for some, but I would say the majority of people still use and collect business cards. You can use a snap scan or neat receipts and scan them into your computer if you want, but again I would say most people do not do that.
So what do you do with all of them?
There are several solutions. There are leather folders that you can get to put them in. My problem with several of those are that you can't rearrange them easily to put them in any kind of order. Either alphabetically or categorically. There are binders that you can use that do allow for easier sorting. You can also make your own with baseball card plastic sleeves.

Enter the Rolodex. There are many different styles. I actually choose a different one for my client than this one because I was trying to match his decor. But he picked up this one not remembering that I had already purchased one. I ended up liking the one he picked out better (not the looks of it, but the functionality).
The one I got you put the business card directly onto the little rod, so I bought a punch to punch the bottom of the cards. The one he bought had sleeves that the business card slipped into and then that could go on the rod. The sleeve is easy to use and protects the cards.
We ended up buying two of them for all his business cards. I could have fit them onto one, but it would have been very full and would not have allowed for any future cards that he will receive.
Business cards are not obsolete yet. I have a whole pile of cards that were just handed out at Blissdom 09 which was a conference for woman bloggers! So even though we are into social networking and using our computers, we still exchange business cards.


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