Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finding products to help you!

If you follow me much you may notice that I have added a few product items to my left sidebar. As an organizer I find that many times I am looking for things for clients that they either couldn't find, or didn't know existed (because looking through the storage area of Amazon's web site, or spending hours in The Container Store isn't their idea of fun...go figure?)
I also find items that I absolutely love and want to share with everyone. The pouchees for one! There are a few other items that I have been using and want to share with you, I am just trying to work out details with those that sell them. Keep in mind this is also a business for me. Although I love organizing and being able to give you guys great information, in order for me not to have to go back to the Dr. office full time, I have to actually make some money organizing.
But what you can believe is that I am not going to put up banners and ads for items that do not pertain to organizing, or items that I do not feel good about.
Disclaimer: I do have to admit I have not tried everything that I put in my Amazon store, or that is listed on Online Organizing or Organize A to Z, but I have seen most of them before, I have tried many items and I think many of them look really cool and can't wait to try them. But they are all items I would buy for myself or a client and try. If you go into either Organize A to Z or Online Organizing, you will see the pouchee. I am selling them on there also, but it is easier to just buy them directly from me on this site.
I am happy to help you find your products, and if you are looking for something specific, let me know and I can see if I know where you can find it. Thanks!


dreambaby said...

That's why I love your blog! I have some different undershelf racks like you have shown and they are great! EXTRA space!

Zeemaid said...

Great idea to help us be even more organized! I love your blog, love your ideas.