Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pouchee review done by Aby Garvey and Monica Ricci!

Aby Garvey did a review on the pouchee for me. She is awesome!! She is the craft room organizer of all times. Her ideas are wonderful and I would love to have her office/scrapbooking room.
Please check out her post at Simplify 101

Monica Ricci is another organizing guru. If you are an organizer (and many of you who are not) know Monica! She has won so many awards, she presents at the NAPO conference...she is on TV as one of the organizers on Mission:Organization! She reviewed the pouchee for me (well, her friend did as she doesn't have purses it will fit in)
Check it out at Your Life, Organized !

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jenjen said...

Hi Sandy! Wow - what a cool place you have! I love it!