Friday, February 27, 2009

Vlog on Mini Office

Here is a list of the products (or similar ones) I mentioned on my vlog.
Hecht of an Organizer $29.99
Sofa Over the Arm Organizer Sale $12.99
Cable Clips $8.50
Desk Top Wooden File $64.99
Desk Top File $44.99
Elite Roll Top Organizer $54.99
Clear Pencil Organizer - Double $11.99


Denise said...

I should totally do something like that because I always sit on my futon and have to go all over to get all the stuff I use daily! Great vlog!

chaotic kitten said...

I love your vlogs!!

Your cable clip idea is great - I'm thinking I could do the same by using address label stickers and folding them round a cable so I could label them.