Friday, February 13, 2009

Hotel Preston has Made Changes to prevent any future problems

I am pleased to announce that Steve the manager at the Hotel Preston has taken steps to prevent any problems from occurring again at his hotel. He has posted signs on the outside of the elevators with the 7 person limit...he has done training with his personal on how to handle situations like this so that clients will feel attended to properly. He has also had meetings with the elevator company to solve the problem with the elevators. He has taken the steps that should be taken when there is a problem. Evidently he has been receiving some nasty e-mails from readers of the Elevator 13 and that was not our intention. According to the organizers of our conference the Hotel Preston did a wonderful job in getting our conference together in every way and they were pleased with the service and attention they received. We had this problem with the elevator but steps have been taken to correct things.


onemorebaby said...

Well... thank goodness! Aren't you glad that some positive changes came out of that 40-some minutes of claustrophobic nightmare?! Seriously though.. good to hear!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

What a lovely site you have here, Sandy. Your design is fabulous and your content, well, quite frankly, rocks. So glad that I was able to discover your blog through Stesha.

It was also great to read about your adventures at Blissdom this year. How much fun to connect with other bloggers in "real life"? I am jealous. :)


PS: If you are ever interested in having us guest post on your blog as part of your weekly feature, let me know. We'd love to participate!

Ali said...