Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crafting spaces

This set up is from Ikea. Love that store!!!
Wouldn't this be great? I think this is actually used in demo of a child's room...but I think we could use this more than our kids...what do you think?
Love the cubbies on the wall for supplies. I wouldn't need the paper roll...but there are some crafters who could use that. Also the light table. That would be helpful for many crafters. But I just like the set up of the cubbies.
I have decided that I really like the white for a craft room. I have my dream craft room..(and it includes Ikea!!)
There are also a couple of shelves where there might be drawers on a desk. This would also be good for supplies.
Do you have pictures of your craft space you would like to share?
I'll post them if you send them.

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Two Little Lambs said...

Sandy, thanks for the awards! I also wanted to let you know that someone anonymously left me a comment this morning saying -"You are being made fun of all over the internet." I am very mad and upset. I mean who do they think they are? I am considering going private if this is the way people are. What do you think about this?