Friday, February 20, 2009

Vlog on How to Use that extra closet for Great storage!

This is my first personal vlog where you are going to see me. I had serious reservations about doing this and I do not like to see myself on camera...I think I look totally goofy!! The eyes are bugging out..I am blinking weird...I am saying hmmmm to much...But oh well....I did it. Hopefully I will get better when I do more and will realize that I need to smile when I turn on the camera so that the first still shot doesn't look like I am going yell at someone. LOL!!!

I wanted to share this with you. I did a post awhile back on this closet, but from a still picture, you can't realize how useful a space can be like this. This was a bedroom closet and my client turned the bedroom into an office. This same idea can be used for any room that you may convert for other purposes. You may now have a sewing room, scrap booking room or general craft room....wouldn't this make great space? It may be a big extra hall closet that isn't being used for coats, but you have just a bunch of shoes thrown in the bottom and a few blankets on the top shelf..all the space in between is wasted. Just make sure before you go grab that bookshelf from the basement or go out and buy measure..measure..measure. When the guys were moving this one into the room they were all saying it wasn't going to fit. But I kept saying I measured and yes it was. (I was right...thank goodness!!)


Ali said...

I love this! Great job. What a wonderful first vlog. Do it more often, I insist!

nicólle said...

You did a great job. There's something about an organized closet that makes my heart pitter patter!

onemorebaby said...

I think it is adorable! (We are always so critical of ourselves, aren't we?) Great organizing! I have a nearly matching closet and I LOVE it! Have a great weekend! (Note to self: stop using so many exclamation points!!!)

Jessica said...

Oh, I liked it!

It's always fun "seeing" people you've been following for a while.

Don't be so critical of yourself! You do a good job and you should be more confident in your vlogging abilities :)

Stesha said...

Your vlog was great! If I could get my closet to look like that I would be in heaven.

Hugs and Mocha,

Zeemaid said...

Great first vlog. I think you did a great job. You look great in your glasses btw. :)

great storage solution for the closet.

BrandyEllen said...

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chaotic kitten said...

Very cool to see you in action - don't feel so self-conscious! You came across fine :)