Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Work On It Wednesday

How has your week been on what you are working on? Have you put forth some effort in reaching your weekly goal? Well, if you haven't, don't give up. Just start from here and start new.
I didn't do great on my weight lose goal. Actually I didn't lose at all. I stayed the same. I guess since I gained 3 pounds over the weekend at Blissdom conference...I can't say too much now can I? Does it count that I took that 3 pounds back off (or should I say most of that water weight from all the salty foods that I ate?)I would like to say that it could have been much worse. If they had provided luscious brownies and cookies like I have had at other conferences..then I would have been in more trouble. Instead they had really good Little Debbie 100 calorie snacks!! Isn't that cool? I loved it. I did have some, but felt like I was satisfied with one.
So here is the down and dirty....I didn't lose any weight. I stayed the same. But I will keep going and work on it for next week...hopefully I can have a weight lose to brag about.
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Mama Krit said...

I need to jump back into losing weight too. I have just een so... blah... all I want to do is snack and eat. I bought some of those pink, white, and red Valentine's m&m's to make a table centerpiece.... well, my centerpiece is empty and my stomach is full... Where is the will power!?

Donna said...

Sandy - I linked!

And going to a conference is NEVER a good way to lose weight. I know, just imagine planning and running those things. BTDT But it sounded like a wonderful time was had by all if it happens next year hopefully I can attend too!

chaotic kitten said...

Hi Sandy,
Oops I made a mistake! Mr Linky #2 should have been me, but I wasn't quite paying attention and instead copied and pasted a link to a blog I had just been reading, instead of my own!
I'm really sorry, please feel free to delete the #2 link as it wasn't supposed to be here. I added myself after that.
Thanks also for your comments and encouragement, it is much, much appreciated :)