Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Using Fun Colors in your Craft Room

I don't know about you...but I love colors!! I have been in a bright, fun colored mood for the last couple of years. I go through phases. I had been really into plum and dark purples..now I am just loving lime green, bright orange, hot pink. I like to decorate with them. These are not colors that look good on me. I look much better in warm fall colors...but I have fun decorating with the bright fun colors. It puts me in a good mood when I walk into the room.
I have said before that I am hoping we can sell this house in the near future and this isn't my dream office/craft space. But you make the best of what you have and I am very lucky I even have an office space. I am not going to put money into new furniture when we have perfectly good furniture (big heavy older dark desks). But I can spruce it up for very little money and make it feel better.
I found these little pails at a garage sale a couple of years ago. I paid a quarter for each of them. I got yellow, blue, pink, green and orange and probably bought about 25 of them. I used them for kids birthday and baby showers gifts instead of the $2.00 gift bags. I just put tissue paper in them with the gift and it was great. So many cute comments. But I decided to use these to decorate with since I decorated my office/craft room in hot pink and lime green. They aren't really practical for the reason that you can't see what is in them easily...I mainly was using them for color and the cuteness factor. But I did put many of my button supplies in them to make them useful.
The white shelves I got at Target. They have a whole selection of cubes and shelf units in the crafting section that you can configure a variety of uses.
There is a lot you can do to add color and spice to your craft zone or office zone for very little money which can in turn add cheerful to your mood and your day.


Stesha said...

Love those colors!

Hugs and Mocha,

Ali said...

Not to mention, buckets are easy to label, so at least you know what's in them even if you can't see what is in them.
My dream has always been to have a room dedicated to craft stuff. I have a little corner in our basement, for now, and you are right - you simply make the best of what you have!
Love the bright colors.

Melinda-LookWhatMomFound said...

If i can get all my stuff in one spot this would be perfect for me. My big problem is too many hobbies which means too much stuffthe bright colors would defitnely make me want to work more though

Three Prince Designs said...

Love the bucket idea! You can get those at Micheals and other crafts stores here in the next month or so. It adds some great color and fun!